Environmental Sector

Guaranteeing the sustainable production of agro-industrial activities, promoting the minimisation and valorisation of waste and by-products and taking advantage of renewable resources are issues of increasing importance among agro-food companies.
INKOA provides the Agrifood Sector with products and services which supplements productive projects with the sustainable management of processes and natural resources.

Enginnering Projects

  • Projects for Waste Valorisation
  • Projects for Energy Cultivations
  • Projects for Reclamation of contaminated sites

Consultancy Projects

  • Environmental Evaluation and Diagnosis
  • Studies of Environmental Impact Assessment and of waste valorisation
  • Inventory and waste characteristics
  • Reports and environmental declarations

Integral Services

  • Basic and Detailed Engineering Project
  • Technical and Economic Feasibility Analysis
  • Integral Project Management
  • Projects Implementation and Start-up
  • Training and Technical Assistance
  • Management of Licences and Permits
  • Assistance in finding sources of financing