Biotechnology Sector

Applying biotechnology to different areas of industrial activity has created an essential tool for the sustainable development of the Agriculture and Food Sector.
Inkoa provides research institutions with solutions to meet the strict demands of biotechnology research activities, incorporating new technologies for the close control of security conditions that are so essential to the sector.

Greenhouses for biotechnology research

  • Greenhouses for biotechnological research with biosafety containment
  • Climate control systems: temperature, humidity, photoperiod,...
  • Remote Monitoring and Control

Climatic chambers and Fitotrons

  • Climatic Chambers and Fitotrons for in vitro cultivation
  • Environmental chambers for medical research
  • Environmental chambers for enthomological research
  • Clean Rooms for laboratory

Integral projects for laboratory supplies and equipment

Integral Services

  • Consultancy studies for the design of installations
  • Basic and detailed Engineering Project
  • Technical and Economic Feasibility Analysis
  • Integral Project Management
  • Projects Implementation and Start-up
  • Training and Technical Assistance
  • Management of Licences and Permits
  • Assistance in finding sources of financing