Agricultural Sector

Innovation, improved quality and competitiveness in the Agriculture Sector are INKOA’s primary targets.
To achieve these goals, we collaborate with the Sector by bringing in technology and integrated services designed to meet the needs of our clients.

Engineering Projects

  • Projects for Rural Development
  • Projects for Agricultural Infrastructures
  • Projects for Agricultural Products Processing
  • Irrigation Projects
  • Agronomic Advice

Agrarian Technologies

  • “Turn-Key” projects for the development of Intelligent Greenhouses
  • Climate control systems: heating systems, thermal screens, fog systems,...
  • Automatic control of climate and fertirrigation
  • Auxiliary Production and Post-Harvesting Equipment
  • Remote Control and Monitoring

Climatic Chambers

  • Germination Chambers
  • Chambers for Plant growth and Agricultural Research
  • Fitotrons
  • Climatic control, simulation of day/night cycles
  • Remote Climate Control

Food Safety and Traceability

  • Software for the management of integrated production
  • Software for traceability management of agricultural primary producers and processing industry
  • Software applications for mobile devices (data capture in field)

Integral Solutions

  • Basic and detailed Engineering Project
  • Technical and Economic Feasibility Analysis
  • Integral Project Management
  • Projects Implementation and Start-up
  • Training and Technical Assistance
  • Management of Licences and Permits
  • Assistance in finding sources of financing