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New technologies to avoid food waste generation

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Date: 2022/07/19

In the EU, 20% of the total food produced is lost or wasted (88 million tonnes/year). The distribution of food waste generation among stakeholders of the complete value chain is: primary production (11%), food processing (19%), wholesale and retail (5%), food services (12%) and households (53%). The avoidable portion of food waste represents a waste of resources, as food production demands land-use, energy, chemicals and water to be produced and then, delivered to the actors involved in the supply chain. Such a loss of resources inevitably translates into considerable environmental impacts that ideally may be avoided by prevention or mitigated by implementing new technologies and practices.

With the aim of optimizing the management of food cold chain conditions, Inkoa, with the support of the 2i Plan for the Promotion of Innovation and Advanced Investment of the Provincial Council of Bizkaia , has developed a monitoring, control and communication system to ensure food conditions throughout the supply chain to the final consumer. The data about the conditions to which the food transport is transmitted remotely by the developed hardware devices and this information will be managed (stored, processed and visualized) by a new software platform with computing applications both in the cloud and on mobile devices.

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