Inkoa’s innovation and development activity is strictly linked to the development of RTD Projects, with a clear orientation to the implementation of the most advanced technologies to meet the needs of the Agro-Food Sector. Within this framework, Inkoa is developing RTD Projects, participating in International Programmes such as Eureka and Iberoeka, European Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development, LIFE Programme…

In order to perform the development of new products, Inkoa keeps a strict relationship with scientific agents, technological centres, clients and other enterprises intending to provide the Agro-Food Sector
with new products and services contributing to its sustainable development.

Inkoa’s RTD strategy is focused on the innovation and technological development, based upon
electronic, informatics and communication technologies in order to achieve:

of the Traceability
and Food Safety

Contaminants and
pathogens detection
in foodstuffs

Real time management
of the production