Company History

INKOA is Established

  • INKOA is founded as an engineering company specialized in the Agri-Food Sector, with the aim of providing service and incorporating information technologies to the sector´s companies.

1992-1994 The first Strategic Plan
“Innovation to Grow”

  • The first INKOA Strategic Plan is designed with technological innovation as its key objective.
  • The first intelligent climate and irrigation control system for greenhouses is developed
  • INKOA receives the AJEBASK Award for “Best Young Basque Company” of 1992.
1995 -1997
Integral Solutions

Inkoa 1992-1994
  • INKOA consolidates its position as a firm specialized in execution of integral projects, thanks to its successful work for relevant companies in the sector: ICONA, HUNOSA, BODEGAS TORRES, and TRAGSA, among others.
  • The first European Project, under “Thermie” Programme, is carried out in The Azores (Portugal), beginning the internationalization process of the company.
  • Second Prize for "Best Young Company of Spain”, awarded by Actualidad Económica and CEAJE.
  • The R&D Department is created in 1995 and we developed the first international R&D “Iberoeka” Project in collaboration with Chile.


1998 -2000
Two Axes: Innovation and Internationalisation

Inkoa 1998-2000
  • INKOA deploys its international strategy: the first projects in China, Chile, Argentina and Romania are implemented.
  • INKOA -BEIJING branch is inaugurated.
  • The INKOA Group is consolidated: the setting up of Track, S.A. in 1996, is followed by the establishment of both, Ekotek and Agroaldea, consolidating an Engineering and Consulting Corporate Group.
  • Our technological innovation is recognized with the Ernst & Young “Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Technology Innovation” in 1998.
New Technologies for New Markets

  • Two new key technologies are developed within the framework of the 2000-2005 Technology Plan: electronic identification for the livestock sector, as well as traceability and food safety web platforms for the meat sector.
  • Technologies launching in new sectors and markets, such as Brazil and Argentina.
  • We consolidate our activity in China with the implementation of new projects and the opening of INKOA-SHANGHAI branch.
  • The establishment of Sustalde Foundation shows our commitment to sustainable rural development.
INKOA Group: Innovative Solutions in a Global Market

  • INKOA consolidates its strategic presence in 16 countries
  • We are recognized by several United Nations agencies as registered and authorized suppliers for the agricultural sector worldwide.
  • The R&D department continues growing in both human and investment resources with a new biotechnology line and IT applications for food safety in different sectors. The main objective is to boost the international cooperation in the European Commission Framework Programme for Research & Technological Development
  • INKOA integrates Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) into its philosophy and strategy as part of the group’s corporate culture. Several recognitions are awarded: The “Luis Olaortúa” Award for Ethics and Business Development, awarded by AVIC; and the “Marcelo Gangoiti” Award for INKOA’s contribution to the sustainable development of its social environment.
  • 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004 certifications towards the group's management systems.
Growing the Future

  • INKOA will follow the established path, furthering its business development by leaning on its two cornerstones: innovation and internationalization, while contributing to the sustainable development of the Agri-Food Sector and maintaining a strategy focused on the satisfaction of all our target groups.