Real time management of the production processes

I+D+i Manzanas enchufadas Numerous and heterogeneous parameters of the Food Industry are difficult to manage. According to this RTD line, Inkoa has as objective to develop hardware and software solutions, based upon artificial intelligence and modelization techniques which let decision making and processes automation in Agro Food Industry.

Production management intelligent systems

Foodtec Project is the framework for the development of expert systems with artificial intelligence techniques in order to provide a real time evaluation and control of the critical points, multivariate analysis of data and automatised management which minimizes hazards than can occur in the food chain and the impact they have on public health.

Supply chain modelization

The main objective of the Project is to establish more effective value chain through the development of computing tools for Supply Chain Management (SCM), which support better decision making and quick information collection form client to supplier, intended for SMEs belonging to Food Industry Sector.

Intelligent sensor networks

The development and implementation of intelligent sensor networks will let real time management of the monitorization and control of both environmental variables and greenhouse culture, from fixed and mobile terminals, which do not involve a physical infrastructure for communication, employing wireless data transmission and optimizing energy consumption.