Contaminants and pathogens detection

According to this research line, Inkoa works for the development of new analytical methods allowing quick, sensitive and low-cost detection of food contaminants and pathogens.
Inkoa has experience in wine producing, vegetables transforming, meat products and waters sectors, developed in collaboration with clients, Universities and Technological and Research Centres.

Integration of biosensors for food quality assurance characterization

One of the most important achievements of Inkoa is the integration of biosensors in the management of food processes, as in vine producing sector. The use of these equips in order to obtain product’s quality data offers many advantages over traditional sensors, as it decreases the cost of analysis and improves measure’s accuracy and time.

Development of biosensors for pathogens detection

This research line is developing new high effectiveness biosensor’s equipments based upon technology solutions of optical transduction for pathogens detection in foodstuffs, which provide consumers with safety alarm systems.

Fast detection kit for pesticide residues

Given the significance of a fast and effective detection of pesticide residues and, taking into account the impact they have on human health, Inkoa is developing at present high sensitivity and specificity biosensor kits for the detection of these substances in foodstuffs that can be used in-situ and give fast responses.