INKOA is an Engineering Company specialized in supplying Integral and Innovative Solutions directed to the International Agri-Food Sector.

Markets and Areas

INKOA works with entities from the Agri-Food Sector on the design, development, and implementation of integral solutions with the incorporation of the most advanced technologies.


Specialising in comprehensive and international projects and with over 20 years’ experience in the Sector, INKOA has become one of the world’s leading Agrifood Engineering Companies.


The “East Africa Potato Value Chain Knowledge Sharing Portal” , which aims to address the scientific and technological divide in the East African agricultural sector, mainly, by fostering contact between African and European researchers, has reached 100 registered members.

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INKOA has successfully completed the implementation of an Automated Monitoring and Control System (AMCS) based on the monitoring and control of critical parameters for tilapia hatching, including pH, dissolved oxygen and water temperature; as well as the automation of the associated systems (aeration and heating systems, pumping, ...

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In the frame of the SPIRIT project, coordinated by INKOA, a knowledge sharing portal has been launched focused on the scientific community dedicated to agricultural research in East African countries. This web based knowledge sharing platform aims to address the scientific and technological divide in the field of innovation to be implemented in ...

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  • TransIT Project
  • RFID device, wireless and passive, based on Power Harvesting technologies for the logistic of the cold chain